Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Song

So this task on the list I was looking forward to the least... Sing a Song, Video it, and Post it on YouTube.  My sister Jacqui's suggestion of course :) 

Luckily, there was the option of it being a family affair with my beautiful niece and nephew joining in and my brother in law Adam playing some kind of instrument.

My nephew Jasper chose the song, his favourite of the time and off I went to learn the words (not very well mind you).  I was in Melbourne for a weekend and it was all over in a flash, 2 takes which are the 2 different views...

You can see the finished version below and judge for yourself... Jasper and Lily basically save me!! Ha.  Thanks to Kate for cutting the video and making me not look quite as pained as I was and Jacqui who somehow managed to not be in it at all.

Quite the experience really and a good test of character.

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