Sunday, 26 April 2015

The food delivery

My friend Karen has recently finished up a chemo stint, has had an operation and is about to start radiation treatment.  She is amazing, so strong and an inspiration to see her come out of this with such a great outlook.

My aim was to cook and deliver 2 meals to her, but today she ended up coming over and collecting them instead! 

I made fennel, leek and potato soup with chicken (it is really cold in Sydney now so this will be great for lunches), and sugar free chocolate mouse icy poles for dessert.  Hopefully she likes them!


  1. Hi nic. Thanks so much for my delicious soup and yummy chocpops. Skye had some of the soup for dinner and i had a sneaky taste preview of my lunch tomorrow. Skye turns her nose up at most things i cook for her so i would take that as a huge compliment! I'm trying to eat healthily so these meals have hit the mark. Thanks for thinking of me. Not long now so good luck getting on with your remaining challenges.

    1. Yay - nice one Skye, glad I could be of assistance!