Saturday, 25 April 2015

Long time friends

One of the countries I grew up in was Hong Kong and my sister and I went to an English school there called Island School.  I had a good group of friends and a couple I still keep in contact with happen to live a long way away... Angie (who lives in the Caribbean on the beautiful island of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands!) and Emma (who now lives in Perth).

Luckily for me, our Dragon Boat National Championships were held in Perth this year!  This meant I got to catch up with Em which was great... we haven't seen each other for around 5 years, and have been friends for 29 years... but one thing I do really appreciate about having been friends with someone for so long is that whenever we see each other it's just like I just saw her the other day.  So good to see you Emma xx

For the catch up with Angie, this one is a little harder.  In September I will be in Hawaii and that turns out to be the location that is around half way between us.  So, Angie now knows the dates and timings that I will be there and she is going to try to come and visit with her family... I am crossing my fingers that she is able to make it as that would be awesome to see her - it has been around 12 years since I have seen her!

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