Sunday, 26 April 2015

Learning to fly on water

Thanks to my sister Jacqui for this Christmas voucher!  I have wanted to do a jetpack session ever since I saw a cool video of these guys gracefully flying over water and dolphin diving in and above the water... so cool!  The real thing is not quite the same :) 

This was an adventure alright... it starts with the attractive wetsuit, and then the instructions and practice on how to face plant the water as when you land you are going to land on your face because you have a 40kg jet pack on your back!

And then you go out and learn to fly... 2 bars to move your hands up and down with, up for up and down for down, this one for right and this one for left... sound easy enough until you put it into action!  You are attached to the jetski and they control the force of the water coming out the pack, so you wont go flying high into the air before you are ready.  I was thrown around like a rag doll however with the pack shooting me off left and then right, up and down, I face planted the water a lot! It actually was easier with no hands as you could control it with the body movement. 

It was all good fun and video to be added soon to show you how ridiculous I looked!  A chiro appointment the following week to realign my broken body and all is well :)

And there is also video evidence: 

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