Saturday, 25 April 2015

The crackling

The only roast that I have never attempted to make is a roast pork, I can make a mean roast lamb, beef and chicken.  I love pork but I love crackling even more and I had no idea how to do it and didn't want to stuff it up as I have such high expectations of it being right!

So the task was set.  We have a good butcher at the shopping centre here so I went and chatted to the guys, they were fantastic.  They scored the skin/fat for me, I looked up Jamie Oliver's slow roast pork leg with bone in and off I went.

I do love a good dinner party and this one was no exception!  8 people in total, and on the menu for the evening was: grilled haloumi with pear for appetiser; grilled prawns with butter sauce for entree; and then the roast pork with veggies for mains.  Eugene and Cath bought over dessert (apple pie and cheese platter).  I did matching wines for entree and main, then proceeded to empty the wine stocks!  

Wow, were we full at the end, the night went on until 3am so it must have been a success... and I absolutely nailed the crackling :) mission accomplished!

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