Monday, 15 June 2015

Tennis anyone??

I played tennis a lot when I was growing up - mainly in Hong Kong at the Ladies Recreation Club (LRC) where I spent many a Saturday morning playing with my friends.  I was good at it, not great but good enough to play a couple of games, have long rallies and win shots.  I could serve, volley, and I always hit straight shots (never spinning the ball at all).  

So I discovered that a couple of my friends here play tennis semi-regularly!  So I asked them for a game.  Adrian set up the court and on a lovely winter's morning we played a game.  Hit the ball around for a bit of a warm up, chose our teams and then played a set and a bit.  It was great fun!  It all came back to me after a while too.  I think we all produced some winning shots, we all hit a ball over the fence by accident and we all had fun.

Followed by a recovery breakfast, what a great way to spend the morning, I think I might do that again!

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