Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Moving canoes

This task has been a long time coming. I have been President of my paddling club now for 3 seasons and at the start of that term we lost the spot where we had been storing and launching our canoes from for around 10 years!  

So many members of the club and myself set to work with the City of Sydney to get a storage spot at the new site once built.  They had been proposing a foreshore walkway for a number of years and finally it was coming to fruition.  

Photos below are of the opening day at the foreshore where the club was invited and well represented at the racks, handing out flyers etc.  And we got to meet the Mayor.  

I am pleased to write that I received last week confirmation and a contract advising we had been successful in obtaining storage for our canoes back over at the site!  Move day hopefully at the end of the month cross fingers!  

A really big thank you has to go out to everyone at the club, both past and present, who helped at some stage to make this happen...

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  1. Hey, that's awesome - this was probably the one that was the most out of your control so I was a bit nervous when we added it - well done!!!