Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Being a Vego

My sister Jacqui suggested this one... to be Vegetarian (including no seafood) for a month.  So for the last 31 days I have done so.  

I left this one to the last minute as we had a lot of racing to do from February to April so I decided to do it after that.  Being Vego is hard!  

Because I do so much exercise I had to really think about what I was eating to make sure I got enough of all the food groups to help aid in my recovery, particularly iron and protein. I did make some yummy food at home to keep my going and Cath and I discovered an awesome Vego restaurant just next to her house.  We went to a cool Indian place in Perth and found one in Sydney as well. 

However, I have decided that I will go back to eating meat and seafood... I missed it all too much and had a lot of food envy moments.  I still love eggplant which is good because I ate a lot of it, and eggs.  

Bacon is very high up on my agenda to be eaten very soon..... Fakin' Bacon unfortunately tastes nothing like the real thing.....  One thing I have noticed is that when you eat out and are vego, more often than not you are offered white pasta or lentils, so I have spent much of this month bloated!  Ha.

Pics are of a couple of yummy meals I ate as a Vego who is looking forward to being a meat eater!

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