Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Roar & Snore

Taronga Zoo is a fantastic zoo - it not only is on prime real estate and has the most amazing views of Sydney city, the zoo itself is a great organisation.  

I experienced this first hand with Cath and Caitlin at our recent Roar & Snore adventure... we arrived at the zoo having taken the ferry after work at around 6:15pm. Met with the group and our leaders for the night and the we went for a walk (it was dark!) around the zoo to the camping area which turns has fantastic views.  The official part of the evening starts with cheese and wine, a look at some animals, a great dinner and a night safari.  Then you sleepover at the zoo (woken in the middle of the night by some monkey like animal noises) glamping style.. luckily for me my camp bed had an electric blanket.  

We woke to an awesome sunrise over the harbour and then breakfast and then onto our close encounters where we fed the giraffes breakfast, had a local native animal petting encounter and watched the new seal show training.  

I had to go to work after that but everyone has the option of staying at the zoo all day - and you get 30 minutes of the zoo all to yourself before the masses enter.  What a great experience and well worth the money that goes straight back into the zoo!

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  1. That looks awesome - I'm so glad it was worth it! Though I'm not sure you can use the words 'camp bed' and 'electric blanket' in the same sentence??!