Monday, 15 June 2015

Learning impossible new skills

I have never been able to click my fingers or whistle, not properly.  Sure I can do it, but not with any solid or audible sound, every time, consistently.  I have discovered however since revealing this lack of skillset that there actually are quite a few people who cannot do this. And there are people who cannot wink.  So I don't feel so alone.

However much I tried to improve my skills in this area over the last few months, all were to no avail - I still can't do it. 

We worked out what I do wrong with my clicking (it's all in the technique), but I can't change it - I cannot change my hand, my fingers, or my thumb so clicking is just a skill I will continue to live with limited abilities.  Whistling is the same - if I concentrate hard and be patient, I can whistle.  But I cannot carry a tune and no matter how much I tried I still could not improve (I would say it would take years, not just a couple of months).

So the co-creators of 'The List' came up with a replacement challenge of their liking (my friend Cath is currently in protest about this)... To perform a short skipping routine in front of a small audience.  We did an OC1 session on Saturday morning out around the Sydney headlands which was great and afterwards a small group of friends stood around and watched my do a short skipping routine.  Some of it was captured on video and some photos as well... it was pretty funny.

(Warning: video contains coarse language, parental guidance is recommended):

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  1. Yeah I dunno - you're lucky you're so close to the end so we're being lenient - that only JUST scrapes in there ;-)