Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Reunion

To reunite Phoenix and McIntyre is #19 on the list... 

For Christmas 1990 my sister Jacqui and I got one kitten each, brothers, and their names were Phoenix (after River Phoenix the actor of course!) and McIntyre (after Joey McIntyre of NKOTB fame of course!) and they stayed in the family for a long time.  Phoenix died around his 17th birthday and McIntyre around 18 months later. 

After all this time, I haven't buried Phoenix's ashes as I kept forgetting take them back to Melbourne with me and upon discovering that Jacqui actually had only just recently buried McIntyre's ashes in her back yard at the end of last year, it went on the list.  With thanks to Julia and Todd for taking me down to Melbourne with them this weekend, I finally remembered to take the little box with me on the plane ride (I didn't declare them, but I think there is something in the airline rules about transporting bodies, even in form of ash.....).

Lily and Jasper were great helpers and very intrigued to find out what ashes actually look like. Anyway, without much fuss, Phoenix is now next to his brother McIntyre, reunited in Jac's backyard to rest in peace together!

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