Thursday, 20 November 2014

Cooking for a cause

Yesterday I went with a group from work to visit Oz Harvest.  Oz Harvest have been around for about 10 years in Sydney and are in a few major cites.  They have vans that drive around during the day to 'rescue' food - their sources predominantly are supermarkets & restaurants.  They don't know what food they are going to get on a daily basis and sometimes they get some interesting surprises! 

With the Cooking for a Cause session, we made 4 different dishes and these will be collected at lunch today and taken out to various charities to serve to less fortunate people than us.  Our batch will go to the Newtown Mission which feeds the local homeless community and there are a lot of regulars there. 

You can see the 4 shots of progressive food - that is the dish I was responsible for - roast vegetable cous cous salad with meatballs and garlic yoghurt.  It was quite yummy if I say so myself!

It was a great experience and incredibly interesting, the people were lovely.  Highly recommended as a group activity for work or friends.  The Macquarie Foundation (the philanthropic arm of the company) is one of the founding contributors to Oz Harvest and helped to get it on it's feet in Australia.  My friend Nicole also had a golden spoon up on the wall as a very generous contributor.

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