Monday, 24 November 2014

Learning to Draw

2 challenges in one day complete!  The second one today was suggested to me by my niece Lily - learn how to draw.  We took that challenge a step further and added an OR... attend a life drawing session, which is what I did tonight.

Stuart has been going to the Arthouse Hotel to do life drawing for a while and I have always been a little intrigued so along with Kath and Michelle, we all went after work.  

So... maybe I should have actually taken Lily's advice and learnt how to draw before going to a life drawing session!  The model was quite skinny which made it harder to draw and I most definitely was the worst drawer in the room at the start of the night (drawings at the top of the pic below).  But over the course of an hour and a bit, my drawing developed (mainly because I decided to stop trying to draw the model's face, feet and hands and also I started to add in a little shading to help cover bad bits!) and I was proud of a couple of my drawings at the end (the second pic below). 

Thanks for the intro to life drawing Stu... not sure that I'll go back, but it was a treat!


  1. Lily says: "That was a good try Aunty Nic"
    [Hmmm, one must suspect she is less than impressed...]
    Jasper says: "I think your first ones are the best"
    [An unusual display of diplomacy and support because you were so hard on yourself with your first few]
    Personally I think the last lot are very impressive!

  2. Thanks Lily (I think), Jasper and Jac :)
    Does Jasper like the first ones because she has a face and a prop?!

  3. No, he didn't look closely enough - was definitely a self-esteem booster!