Monday, 27 October 2014

It's like riding a bike

So... after owning a bicycle for 2 years and only ever having ridden it around Centennial Park twice, I finally rode my bike to work (and back home) today!  Special thanks to Michelle for being my riding buddy making sure I got there and back safely.  It was fairly easy and is now officially the fastest way for me to get to and from work.  The up ramp to Anzac Bridge and strong headwinds on the way home were not so pleasant and quite challenging, and my calves and various other bits are not so happy with me... however I think I will do it again :) maybe once a week.

With 34 weeks to go, I still have 37 things still to do.  More progress has been made in starting some of them though: I now have a booking for a wine tasting class in early December; I bought my first issue of the Big Issue; I called Gran; I have taken a 'before' photo of my bedroom; I have swiped 'Right (Yes)' to 10 men on Tinder; and AMP are consolidating my super.  Small progress!

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