Sunday, 12 October 2014

Ice Cream Breakfast

This week I have been slowly getting some things done in preparation for crossing them off the list: I bought some juggling balls ready to learn how to juggle; booked the restaurant Vue de Monde for February 2015 (plenty of time to save for that night out!); took Tess of the D'Urbervilles off the book shelf and moved it into the bedroom; downloaded Tinder onto my phone; signed up to the mygov website to 'find my super' (although it appears the super fund I want to transfer all my past funds to is not there in my listing, so now have another project to find it...); and got quotes to stretch the Vietnamese canvas. So I feel like I have had progress this week.

The one thing I did actually complete was to have a crazy breakfast with Lily and Jasper, where the nominated crazy breakfast was Ice Cream (as suggested by Julia)!  So while they were in Sydney this weekend and staying at my place, we thought what a great idea to do it now.  The ice cream was accompanied by healthy sugar and gluten free banana pancakes (which actually tasted quite good with the very sweet gelato!).  The kids loved it and we have another item off the list :-)

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