Monday, 26 January 2015

Racing in the rain

Well this is officially my 10th thing completed on The List!

Today, Australia Day, I participated in my first ever ski race.  I borrowed a ski from Steve and a paddle from Annett (I have done a few training sessions on the craft but really not very many).  The event is the Cockatoo & Cupcake Cups (I competed in the Cupcake Cup - the short course event), which is a good & fun handicapped race that has been an official race now for around 6 years now, hosted by my paddling club the Pacific Dragons.  I raced at pretty much exactly the speed I had been handicapped at (luckily I changed my group with the handicapper the day before!).

It was a good race and when I had someone catch up to me from the starting group behind, I managed to keep up with him until the end of the race which I was happy with.

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