Monday, 26 January 2015


I asked my friend Kay for the name of her clairvoyant recently as she had been to a lady a couple of years earlier who she believed was fairly accurate with some of her reading.  I looked up the website ready to make a booking and it turns out that this medium and clairvoyant was taking a sabbatical... literally starting the next day!  

So, by chance when I was in Agra, India recently for a work trip, and I saw the words 'Astrologer' near the lobby of my fancy hotel, and a nice looking older Indian man sitting at a table with no clients, I thought - why not!

My Astrologer read my palm, talked about my past, talked about what he saw in my future and we had a good chat.  I asked a couple of questions and he was fairly accurate about big events in my past. I have kept the piece of paper and hidden it in my drawer to let the universe take it's course. 

So... let's see what happens in my future!

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